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Video on smithing, knife making, pattern welding, bloomeries, and other topics - using only traditional tools.

Iron in Art

A gallery of unusual and unique sculptures in Iron, Steel and other materials.

Blacksmith Equipment For Sale

Things you can buy from Yucaipa Valley Forge and how to get a price quote.
Mammoth of a Project
Klaus built an anatomically accurate representation of a Mammoth in iron for a local museum.  Click to see more than its leg.

The Valley Forge is located near the scenic San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California.  This is where Master Blacksmith, Klaus Duebbert, works at a coal forge and creates traditional, historically accurate, hand forged items.

Klaus has been working at an anvil for years, and has a wealth of experience that he passes on to students. Offereing a variety of traditional balckmithing, call or email for information.

Both apprentices and journeymen have come to Klaus to learn his specialty, the making of historical reproductions and replicas through the use of traditional tools and techniques.  The knowledge of how to work steel with hand tools, fire and skill has been passed from father to son, master to apprentice, for hundreds --no, thousands of years.  Klaus Duebbert maintains that glorious tradition. 

He is also involved in other historical education, such as the making of Adobe bricks, like the ones used by Spanish settlers in the making of presidios and missions.He also actively participates in other historical activities, such as the Museum of Twentieth Century Technology And History, which is located in San Bernardino, California, and has a complete blacksmith shop, machine shop, and a wood working and pattern making shop.

The San Bernardino and Riverside counties have a rich industrial history that included mills, factories, mines and many other trades in a time when blacksmithing was a key to unlocking all these other activities.  Klaus is able to take you back to these times, and show you the foundation of modern industry.  While he can lecture, Klaus also makes this a living history through the use of events and even hands on training.  No matter what level of involvement you would like in these activities, Klaus can accommodate you.If you:

  • Are interested in learning Blacksmithing
  • Love history and old fashioned craftsmanship
  • Want to learn how to make Adobe bricks
  • Need some custom metal work done
  • Would love to own a traditionally made replica
  • Would like to see a demonstration
E-mail Klaus, or call (951) 849-9444.
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