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Klaus at Work

Klaus Duebbert teaches a variety of courses and gives seminars in the ART of blacksmithing, adobe brick making, and other topics.  He is also available for lectures, demonstrations for schools and historical groups.

Valley Forge builds custom railings, gates and fencing. Designs are limitless as all parts are crafted here in the shop. Discuss your ironwork ideas with the metal artisan at the blacksmith shop.

The below photos are examples of Klaus at work on his assorted projects, and some of the things he makes.

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Cold Cut Steel Billets
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Mammoth Project
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Forge Welding

Coal Forge
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Patternwelded Knife
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Klaus Working Steel
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Klaus at the Forge
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Klaus Working Steel
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Klaus with his
Mobile Workshop
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No larger photo

Klaus at an
Adobe Demonstration
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Gate from the inside
(dark picture)
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Gate from the outside.

Bloomery for Refining Ore

A Bloomery made by members of the Valley Forge at the 2000 CBA Spring Conference, which was held at the Discovery Museum.  A bloomery is a traditional way to refine iron ore into charcoal iron.  This product is also known as wrought iron, bloomery iron, or sponge iron.

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Klaus Refining Iron
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The Bloomery
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Klaus checking the Bloomery
iron-3.jpg (159515 bytes)
The Bloomery

Forging of a Great Sword

Making a sword is an involved process that takes repeated folding and welding.  These pictures show only a small amount of the work done.

sword_core.jpg (67124 bytes)
The Sword Core of
Welded Steel
forge1.jpg (59124 bytes)
Heating the Steel Billets
for Welding
welding5.jpg (63875 bytes)
Pattern Welding
welding2.jpg (70589 bytes)
Forge Welding
swordsmithing.jpg (51977 bytes)
Welding the Steel Billets
welding4.jpg (55121 bytes)
Welding the Steel Billets
welding.jpg (61533 bytes)
Forge Welding
welding_tang.jpg (57710 bytes)
Welding in the Tang
welding3.jpg (88021 bytes)
Welding the Steel Billets
welding.jpg (61533 bytes)
Forge Welding
damascus.jpg (58692 bytes)
Welding the

Restoring a Cannon

Klaus restored this cannon for the San Gabrial Mission in California. The barrel was made at the Krupp foundry in the 19th century and weighs over 500 pounds.

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